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Very Simply -You supply the rough stone and we will facet and return it to you.
Since 1975 30 + Years of Experience Having Trained as a Machinist in Canada , Combined with being an Obsessive Rock Collector, I Have Worked with Angles , Light , Details and Design Since 1975. Being of a Truely Meticulous Nature. I am here to offer our Experience and Faceting Services to you.
From a SINGLE STONE to LOTS OF UP TO 5 KILOGRAMS+ We can Facet Sizes Starting from 1 mm. UP TO 3 Inch Finished Cut Sizes. If You Have a SPECIAL Stone From a Memorable Location, that You would like to Cut , or a Few kilos from the Last Gem Show You Attended, We are here to bring that Stone to Life.

We have FACETED over 150 TYPES of Rough Gem Materials. I seldom purchase a Finished Gem , Unless it is Superb and Unique in Nature. 95 % of the items listed on this site have been cut right here, by us. I employ what I consider to be the BEST GEM CUTTERS in the Northern Thailand. We Discuss and Analyse each Piece or Lot of Material for Color , Orientation , Flaws and Character. Cutting for Maximum Return and Color. No Amateurs , No Mass Production , No Games
Friendly & Helpful , We will guide you through the Process if you are a Beginner , or Please the Seasoned Professional.
Go to - Prices and Shipping Instructions.
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Go to - Notes on how to select facet material.
Now lets talk prices.... How do we keep them so low?
On average, for every 1 Gram of material you supply us to Facet, the finished cost of Faceting will be about $1.00 (200 Grams= $200)

My Experience has shown me that the Highest Price does not always mean the Best Value.
Our PRICES are LOW but They do Not Effect our WORKMANSHIP.

Our GOAL is to Provide Work and a Good Wage to our Valued Staff , Cover the Cost of Materials, Equipment and Overhead , and make a Fair Profit.Our Staff are all Home Based , which means a Better Lifestyle and a Truely Family Oriented Based Business. Serenity can be an important aspect of finer Quality.

Since we lack the fancy store front or high profile location, our prices reflect the modest costs of a home based enterprise.
Our prices are based on what we finish cut for you. Return weight on thematerial supplied usually equal anywhere from 18%-35% of the weight of the facet material supplied, depending on the quantity of the original rough materialUR PRICES
There are 4 types of cutting that we will do for you:

1. Melee Cutting - Cutting assorted shapes and sizes that will produce the best return of weight and color from the rough material that we receive

2. Single Stone Cutting - You tell us what shapes you prefer, or let us decide for you and we will cut according to your directions

3. Spec. Cutting - You tell us the size and shape and we cut according to your specifications. The return of finished stones is the lowest percentage with this form of cutting.

4. Re - Cutting - You supply us with stones that have been previously cut and we we can re-cut the face (Crown) of worn stones to produce a new finish and the finished piece will fit back into the original setting, or we can re-size a stone to fit a new setting.
Return weights on the material supplied will usually equal anywhere from 18% - 40%, depending on the quality of the rough material supplied by you.


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