1 Gram = 5 Carats
1 Kilo = 2.2 Pounds= 1,000 Grams
We Only Charge You For The Weight Of The Finished Stones
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Pricing and Shipping Details - How this Works
Follow These Directions: Mail in plain brown cardboard boxes, of a weight not over 300 Grams,
one package every 2 or 3 days, and this will help to keep customs from looking around to much.
We have never had a problem using this technique

See more detailed shipping instruction at the bottom of this page


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171 / 26 PEE MAN GAO

These prices are based on MOH's 6 - 7 Hardness Materials.
Please contact Brian for more detasils if necessary.

Details of Shipping and Payment.

  1. Check the weight of the rough material you would like to send us.
  2. Look over the charts above and check which price category you fit.
  3. Package in Plain Boxes, of no more than 300 grams weight in each box.
  4. Securily wrapped and cushioned the stones so they do not shake, break or rattle.
  5. Include a note saying that " Brian : Here are some stones that i thought you would like for your collection" also include your name and return mailing address.
  6. E-Mail me to let me know what you are sending and when you are sending it to me (Please) brian@aajewel.com.
  7. Mail one package every 2 or 3 days by airmail to me here in Thailand (The Above Address)
  8. I will personally E-Mail you with a confrimation of any mail received and the weight of the material it contains, as well as an estimate of cost and completion date.
  9. I will cut, polish, weigh and photo your final pieces, and email you the final results along with a bill for charges.
  10. Payment: You will pay me by methods that we have agreed upon. (See the ordering Page for more details or click here)
  11. I will ship you goods by the method we have arranged
  12. You will be responsible for any customs tax or duty in your home country when they arrive.
  13. By E-Mail you can instruct me what you would like the totals on the invoice to read. Normally, i include an invoice for the cutting costs only, noting the original material was supplied to me from you.

Go to notes on how to select material for faceting. This may help you with deciding what
to send and what to keep as a specimen for your personal collection or to sell.


What finished weight & charges to expect.

On Average - If you supply us with 100 Grams of Rough Material, and it is of good Shape , Quality , Proportion and Color, we can expect a 25 % Return. So for every 100 Grams that you supply , you can hope to get 25 Grams of Finished Faceted Stone. ( Sometimes More or Less )
If the Finished FACETED Stones weigh an Average of 5 Carats Each ( Remember that 5 Carats = 1 Gram ) , You would receive Twenty Five , 5 Carat Stones. You can expect a bill of $4.50 for Each Piece , which would amount to 25 Pieces X $ 4.50 = $ 112.50 ( U.S. $ 0.00 ) , Plus Shipping Costs.. NO TAX...

Shipping Costs

We only charge you only what we pay ourselves. No hidden charges or games here.

We have found the thai airmail postal system to be the most cost effective and efficient, usually making delivery in 10 bussiness days or less. The average cost of a 50 Gram envelope is $3.00 90% of our longterm customers use the method. You can have your mail sent " Registered " for an extra $2.00.


If you require the extra speed and security of UPS, TNT or FEDEX, we can cater to your needs.
We find UPS to be the best express carrier from thailand and will always recommend their services first.
Usual delivery is in 4 Bussines days. The average cost of a UPS Express envelope is $24.00 + Insurance

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