AAJEWEL Wholesale is now online, serving existing customers and offering Retail sales to the public.
Our specialties are Un-treated Burma Ruby , Czech Moldavite, Sugilite, Tektite, and an available stock of over 120 Varieties of Precious and Semi-Precious Stones. We also have facet gem cutting services, Hand Made or Special cast Jewelry in 92.5 Silver or Gold , which is available in 18 Karat to 22 Karat.
An Extensive stock is available through our Website , or you can write us for that special stone you have been looking for, whether it is for AAA Jewelry purposes or for a Metaphysical specimen, or to request a unique, hand made piece of jewelry.
For 15 years we have been serving Gem Collectors , Jewelers, and Artisans. Our offerings include Gem stones, Jewelry, Gem Rough, Synthetic Materials, Faceting Services, Mineral Carvings, and a vast Knowledge base.
Our Main Base is in Chiang Mai , Thailand , With Connections in CANADA , U.S.A. , BURMA and around the GLOBE

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